Latest Google Tricks Part-2

Here are the Latest Google Trick part -2.

Trick No.21
To track your shipment bundle simply input the tracking number immediately inside the search bar

Trick No.22
search particular Dates in Google. you can also get notified about this
Latest Google Tricks Part-2

Trick No.23
seek “A long term in the past In A Galaxy far a ways Away” in Google and have a laugh.

Trick No.24
simply understand Your pc IP. Type IP cope with in Google
Type Directly Ip address

Trick No.25
search for a selected record type in Google. search keyword filetype:yourfiletype

Latest Google Tricks Part-2

Trick no.26
Dig extra into a website, search Data:internet site
Latest Google Tricks Part-2

here you could get all the records hyperlinks for a internet site at one location.

Trick no.27
search for chemical compounds in Google to get three-D version
For Example:- Sulphuric Acid

simply click at the three-D icon as proven by using the arrow and you will get a 360 tiers rotating model for the chemical compound.

Trick no.28
Use asterisk as wildcard seek. It acts as fill in the clean opportunity

lets think about a scenario in which you understand few words here and there. simply use asterisk in case of that.This Google search hints comes handy in a situation in which you simply understand few phrases here and there of a seek string.

Trick no.29
Going for a marriage ! Plan it on

Trick no.30
seek Time place to get the neighborhood Time
For example:-Time California

Trick no.31
explore space via
seek Flights in

Trick no.32
Convert Numbers to words in Google
Latest Google Tricks Part-2

Trick no.33
discover launch Date of movies to your Country
For Example Joker Release Date

Trick no.34
discover news related to a selected location in Google news
Latest Google Tricks Part-2

Trick no.35
search allinurl: Your keywords for pages with keywords in url
For Example allinurl Google beats apple

Trick no.36
making plans To go to somewhere. search things to see in location in Google
For Example:-Things to see in Mumbai(Instead of mumbai your location)

Trick no.37
See Graphs on Google. search Equations in Google
Latest Google Tricks Part-2

Trick no.38
discover merchandise from a specific price variety. search Samsung Smartphone
Latest Google Tricks Part-2

simply replace 10000 and 15000 along with your rate range and dell with the product you need to look.

Trick no.39
In google exclude sure Search term from Google with a Minus sign
Latest Google Tricks Part-2

Trick No.40
search Pacman in Google to Play it immediately on Google page

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This are the Easiest tricks of Google that Every Human being should know.If anyone know more Google Trick they can comment below.

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