Latest Google Tricks-Part 1

                                                            Latest Google Tricks-Part 1

I recognize you use google each day. however not anything incorrect in taking a data dip to discover how a number of the Google hints and hints you recognize. those hidden google recommendations are the only which most people are ignorant of. right here are a listing of beneficial google looking suggestions as well as hints and hints of Google products.

Trick No.1
Search “fun facts” or “i’m feeling curious” in google and feed your interest
just search i’m feeling curious in google search box and just keep clicking ask some other query button to unharness an countless spell of trivialities from google.

Trick No.2
Can listen to Animal Sounds On Google, just search “Animal Sounds” On Google

Trick No.3
See your seek history , visit
simplest you as a logged in user can see your search information. you can additionally view, down load and Delete Your search information here.

extra useful Google URLs : – – For viewing your stroed passwords in Google and Android – For viewing your place records. -Logging account details,find out if someone else is using your account or not. – Create a Google account with out creating a brand new gmail account. – Export all your Google statistics from Google servers including contacts, gmail messages, your videos from youtube and so on.

Trick No.4
See your place timeline records on Google

Trick No.5
Seek timer in Google to set alarm or stopwatch
you may also just search Set Timer in Google to immediately set the timer over there

Trick No.6
check if a internet site is safe or no longer before downloading something
simply alternate with the internet site you need to test with Google. This comes as a rescue if you desperately want to down load a record from a internet site, but you do not know if it is safe or not.

Trick No.7

Google Translate

Trick No.8
simply search find My phone In Google To locate Your smartphone right away

you may also ring your cellphone. Very beneficial, if you neglected the phone inside the house.

Trick No.9
Have fun with Google, search any of the subsequent words in Google
do a barrel roll
Google in 1998
zerg rush
blink html

Trick No.10
search This In Google For Direct songs or mp3 links

intitle:index.of?mp3 Your music name right here

Trick No.11
Get search effects From a specific internet site only, seek website keyword
this is particularly useful if you want the search end result from a single internet site only.

Trick No.12
search for key phrases inside rates helps you to search for that specific set of phrases in precise order
genuine string seek google

Trick No.13
Google round() lets you search for two set of key phrases with definite key-word distance

Now, within the seek end result the first keyword and 2nd key-word can be separated by using most three keywords.

Trick No.14
search Flight status On Google. search Flight no. and company directly in search container

Trick No.15
Convert currency – search $1234 in GBP or 1200 dirham to dinar and so on

Trick No.16
search town Forecast to get a weather forecast for that town

Trick No.17
search for films Showtime to your city. search movies followed via your city
Example:- Movie Mumbai

Trick No.18
Google is Your New Dictionary. search outline observed by way of the phrase
Example:-Define forecast

Trick No.19
know Origin  of any phrase. type Etymology followed by using the phrase

Trick No.20
Calculate some thing on Google. just Google the equation without delay
alternatively you may seek Calculator on Google to head directly to a calculator.

Here is the Latest Google Trick Part-2

These are  the best Google tips and tricks.Share this with your friends too.

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