Create your own personal whatsapp stickers

WhatsApp stickers are all the craze right away, my chat conversations are filled with all types of stickers starting from cartoon characters to wet memes and even personalized stickers from
my friends, keeping in mind that WhatsApp users are uneasily anticipating them to come back to WhatsApp

Lets begin with the best two ways for creating stickers

First way:

Make Sticker using Background Eraser Application

Produce a Backgroundless Image the primary step is to try and do is click on the pictures with the expressions you would like and convert them to the, backgroundless. To do so, open your smartphone camera and click on some footage and currently we are going to convert them to PNG file format while not background then add. 

Step One:-Open Play store and download Background Eraser Application

Step Two:-Choose any image and convert it into the sticker

Step Three:Save the Image in PNG format(Save atleast 3  sticker as Whatsapp does not allow to add a sticker pack with less than three stickers

Here we have done with creating sticker PNG Image,now lets add it into the whatsapp

Step Four:Open Playstore and download Personal Sticker Application
Step Five:Open the app and click on the add sticker button and select the PNG format stickers which you have created in Step 2 & Step 3.
Step Six:Now,Click on the add stickers to Whatsapp button.
Once you have finish the above step, open WhatsApp and head to the Stickers section,click on Emoji icon to the left of the text box.choose the Stickers and you will notice the stickers you have got is added.Click to send.

Second Way:-East,Best and most used method

Make Stickers using Bobble Keyboard Application
 Bobble Keyboard has adopted the practicality of making stickers and uploading it to WhatsApp directly from the app.Earlier, we have a tendency to had to travel through a long method of redaction the stickers then convert those into the proper format then use another app to

Now, the app will all the work and makes the total method seamless.

With this application, you'll be able to produce personalized stickers together with your face.. The app generates funny animated avatar of your face and puts it over pre-designed stickers.
you'll be able to alter the facial characteristics of your avatar and directly add the stickers to WhatsApp with a click.The app is free on the Play Store

Step One:-Open Playstore and Download the Bobble Keyboard Application

Step Two:-Select good image in which face is clear.And Follow the instruction on the Application

Step three:-Once your done with Face Setup,Boom You will be having many different stickers with your face and Dialogues

Step Four:-Use the Personal Sticker Application to add the sticker in your Whatsapp

There are many more Applications which can be used for creating Whatsapp Sticker but these apps are the most trending and simplest way from which you can create stickers.If you know any simple method other than this you can comment down below.

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